Ascaris lumbricoides
Ascaris lumbricoides | ascaris symptoms

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Ascaris Symptoms

While some parasites don’t account diseases, others do. Plants as able-bodied as animals get afflicted by them. Parasites are disconnected into 2 categories – endoparasites and ectoparasites. Endoparasites are the parasites that animate central the anatomy of the host while ectoparasites animate on the anatomy of the host.

Ascaris lumbricoides - ascaris symptoms
Ascaris lumbricoides – ascaris symptoms | ascaris symptoms

Talking about ascariasis, this abject infection is acquired by an endoparasite alleged – Ascaris lumbricoides – a ample nematode (roundworm). The developed worms can abound up to 12 inches, the gastrointestinal amplitude or added anatomy genitalia such as the lungs are the organs of the anatomy these nematode parasites abide in. These parasites absorb their absolute activity aeon in the animal body.

The affection of ascariasis are usually not apparent in bodies unless the roundworms become evident. Abdominal ache and ahem are two capital affection of ascariasis.

Symptoms of this infection back the roundworm is in your lungs are:

Presence of the roundworm in your belly can advance to:

The capital causes abaft application ascariasis are poor hygiene and arresting foods and drinks that are attenuated with the eggs of these nematodes. According to WHO, accouchement get this bastard infection by the assimilation of attenuated soil. The worms afresh carbon in their belly and move to their lungs through their bloodstream. These bacilli afresh get swallowed to the belly area they brand and aftermath their offsprings again. This is how their activity aeon continues in the body.

This infection is diagnosed by the doctors by assessing the stool samples of the patients. Medics appraise the samples for parasites and ova. Doctors can use methods like CT scan, X-rays, ultrasound, MRI scan, endoscopy, etc., to acquisition out the advance of the parasites in your body.


Doctors usually appoint antiparasitic drugs to the patients to amusement this infection. If your infection is at an avant-garde date the doctors ability accept to accomplish a anaplasty on you to abolish the roundworms blocking your intestines.

The medicines provided to barrier the abject bane are:

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Ascaris Symptoms – ascaris symptoms
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